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1987 Hillcourt "Experimental" Course

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I have located a gentleman who attended the "experimental" course hosted by the Miami Valley Council (Dayton, Ohio) in 1987.


He is a seasoned Scouter and his memory is not super, but he is looking for the papers he has from the course.


It was a throwback - all Scoutcraft. My informant recalls that Bill said there would be other such courses, but that does not seem to have happened. Perhaps he was thinking with his heart.


A Google search turns up no information at all. It is not mentioned in the official history of Wood Badge. (But, then, the BSA histories of Scouting tend to say it started in the U.S. in 1910.)


Bill was the Scoutmaster.


It was a a week-long course - seven-day schedule.


My informant recalls that the SPL was rather military, to much so in his recollection. 0___0


I will post more if and when I discover more.

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I have written to the host council, Miami Valley, and to Wood Badge staffers ion the area.


My source has found the prize the Beavers won for fire-building - a six-foot x 4" replica of a strike anywhere match. This reminded him that there were patrol contests in almost all the Scoutcraft topics.

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I have heard back from a veteran Miami valley Council Wood badger, and he has never heard of the Hillcourt course. He got his beads in 1984, so I would think he would have heard on Hillcourt showing up to run a course there in 1987.


It could be the camp was near Dayton but was not Miami Valley's camp.


Really need my source to find the papers

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