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What do you do?

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In my Troop, we did food by patrols. In each patrol, one person was given/volunteered to buy food for the outing.

Whoever ever bought food, took home any leftover food, that's all there was to it.

That's what our troop does.

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We usually don’t have patrols bringing food to Troop meetings as it is split up either before leaving the camp site or in the parking lot at Sunday pickup.


Most food is left because the patrols aren’t following the planned menu. The cans of corn were left over because the patrol was just too lazy to open and cook them.


Last year we had a problem that the PL’s “forgot†to bring a copy of the menu they had planned so they had no idea what they bought was to be used for.


This year has been better with the PL’s remembering menus but now can’t remember to bring the recipes for what they want to make.


We have been struggling in areas like this as we have grown in numbers pretty quickly.


My son crossed over 1-1/2 years ago. Between his large den and a bunch of walk-ins the troop doubled almost overnight.

Since then we have picked up even more and are now close to 40 Scouts on the roster.

The majority of them 12 and under including 3 out of 4 PL’s.

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