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Camping with Non-Scouts

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First, there's a rule, I forget the wording, but basically if you're not married you don't sleep in the same tent.


I started to think that you should explore why she wants to come along, but I don't think that's a fair initial question. The better question would be: what is the reason each adult is attending? Every adult on the trip should be there because their presence is somehow beneficial to the scouts, even if the benefit is just transportation. If her presence is as justified as someone else's than there shouldn't be an issue.


The second question I would ask is what the committee's objections are? Is it that somehow they don't think women should go or they find the idea of a SM with a fiance somehow icky or inappropriate, then unless that's a problem for your CO, I would ignore them. If there's a substantive reason then decide it based on that.



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