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BTW--Sometimes I act like I am 21, but I am much older....... ;)


Fundraisers and Cash:


The troop's main fundraiser goes on all year long. The money ebbs and flows throughout the year, but the majority of it comes in around June. To be honest, I am not sure this fundraising chair counts all the money before she hands it to me. I have never asked. She puts it into an envelope or ziploc bag and hands it to me. For this reason, I count it several times before I finalize the deposit. I then send her a spreadsheet of my individual deposits along with expenses (related to the specific fundraiser) and their dates in order for her to determine the net profit.


I suppose her "cash receipt" is the spreadsheet I forward her.




When I make a deposit, I make separate deposits at the bank for each "category." In other words, dues, popcorn fundraiser, spaghetti dinner fundraiser will all have a separate deposit slip. I know this is more work for the teller, but hey, it is what it is.


In addition to tracking deposits in TroopLedger, I also run a spreadsheet to coincide with the deposits. The spreadsheet tracks the name, category (scout acct, popcorn, Eagle donation, Troop donation, etc.), ck # or cash, amount, date of deposit, total deposit amount. The amount column and total deposit column should equal each other at all times. I create a worksheet for each month and start a new Excel spreadsheet at the start of the fiscal year.


People Handing Me Stuff in a Hurry:


I carry a large zippered notebook to each meeting with dividers. (I took this idea from the previous Treasurer.) I have a mini-stapler, paper clips, recycled envelopes, pens, Sharpies, etc.--In other words, a desk. If they shove stuff at me, I grab an envelope and jot down their name, amount (if cash) and what category it goes towards. I will write out the cash receipt later. I also have paper where I can jot down To Do notes if I can't complete everything right then and there. The notebook also has pocket dividers where I keep summer camp payment info, High Adventure info, patrol rosters, troop calendars, phone lists, TroopLedger tips, etc.


SP--If the private message system works, send me your email and I will forward my spreadsheets.



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There is only one vote on a Committe and that is the CC. A unanimous vote every time.

Cupcakes would be applicable under   .... IRS publication 535 on business expenses (http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p535.pdf) .... IRS publication 526 on charitable contributions (http://www.irs.g



....must have a receipt.


The grubmasters must turn in food receipts within 2 weeks after the campout. The family can be reimbursed directly via a check or they can have the credit applied to their account. Most opt for a credit.


If no receipt, thanks for your donation! Now, I have called a campsite and requested a receipt when the individual couldn't find it buried in his email. :)


The SM and CC use their debit cards quite frequently, so honestly, I don't write a lot of reimbursement checks. They will throw the receipt on the shopping cart or on their lap or kitchen counter and snap a photo of it and text it to me. The one thing I do need from them is the category for the expense so I know how to track it in TroopLedger (or Quicken) as well as the net worth statement. I suspect other leaders from other units (Outings Chair) book their campsites and activities, but our SM and CC make most of the reservations via their troop-issued debit/credit cards.


The Pack's CM was asked to get some info for a venue for PWD, Raingutter Regatta and Blue and Gold and bring it back to the Committee for discussion. Instead, he went out and signed contracts and wrote deposits out of his own funds. The CC had to reiterate the importance of running expenses past the Committee for approval. Fortunately, the sites were good, so all is OK.


If I receive a request for a reimbursement and I question its validity, I will run it by the SM or CC just to be sure.



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If I receive a request for a reimbursement and I question its validity, I will run it by the SM or CC just to be sure.


Suppose you wrote a fraudulent check to yourself or others, without dual signatures required, how soon would this be discovered if at all?


Withholding/diverting a cash deposit is another concern even with receipts, it would be helpful to post an IOU deposit transaction to bank at time of receipt.


We don't use accounting software apps; we are a small unit and as noted training is a hurdle we don't need to filling the Treasurer position.


Another $0.02

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$200 for a Cub Pack Flag? The most expensive on Scout Stuff is $99.



Policies for funds?


NO Scout Accounts - First - we're not a bank - if a family wants to make installment payments for summer camp, etc. we suggest opening a savings account at a local bank for that purpose - in the Scouts and Parent's name - signature of parent required for scout to withdraw money. Second - fundraising is for the benefit of the unit, not individuals - there is no "Scout Share" of fundraising monies - it's not just a royal pain to administer, it is, despite what some yahoos in some Councils will tell you, against the law.


Two signatures on every check required - preferably NOT the Treasurer's (who may be on the signature card for legal disclosure reasons but does not have to sign the checks). No online banking transactions beyond account look-ups and accepting credit cards through Square (or similar) if your unit decides to do so.


No reimbursements without receipt.


$150 limit on individual transactions without committee approval (there is no need to hold up a grubmaster's request for $60 food reimbursement until a committee meeting).


Written Treasurer's report at every committee meeting.


NO DEBIT CARDS - ever, never, ever.

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CalicoPenn ... Each group feels strongly about their procedures. If yours work for you, great. Here's our reasoning.


Scout accounts ... We'll always have them and they are either positive or negative. Just too much happens that requires us to know if we owe the scout funds or the scout owes us funds. Paid for a trip but canceled before deadline. Went on camp out and troop covered an unknown cost such as ammunition for shooting sports. Scout accounts help us explain the details of the finances and make sure we don't lose money.


Two signatures ... We solve this thru transparency. It's all visible.


No receipt ... We'll reimburse as long as we can confirm through evidence or reason-ability that it happened. We want to support our volunteers. If they incurred a cost, we want to reimburse them.


$150 limit ... We ask they be cleared with another person (treasurer or committee chair).


Debit cards ... We find these invaluable. There are some things that we can't do without significantly extra work. Reserve a state park. BSA local council camp reservations. Summer camp advancement purchases. I see no difference between a debit card and a check. Both need transparency and need to be watched.

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3. Temporary cash withdrawals should have exact amount matching deposits. So say the troop needed $200 cash for change at Popcorn Show-n-Sells. Two signatories withdraw $200 cash for popcorn sale. Unit takes in $427 that day. There should be two deposits of $200 and $227 and not one deposit of $427. This makes auditing easier.


Nice idea if it works. I haven't tried this in a while, but I've had Wells Fargo lump all deposits made on the same day into a single transaction. :mad:

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Suppose you wrote a fraudulent check to yourself or others, without dual signatures required, how soon would this be discovered if at all?



Fraud and Theft


....can happen without dual signatures. Money could easily be transferred from the general fund into someone else's account. No reimbursement check needed. The SM could purchase 2 bags of charcoal and 3 propane refills and keep a bag and tank for his personal use. I don't know of anyone in the Troop that is checking all of the purchases and making sure they are all present and accounted for. The grubmaster could hand me a receipt and his parents keep half the food for themselves. Patrols will often combine at a campout if they are missing a majority of members. The adults aren't checking on them to see who ate with whom or how many actually provided the food. I am sure there are other ways to work around the system. You get the idea.


Don't get me wrong. I am not against dual signatures, but it isn't the absolute solution to preventing embezzlement. It requires many layers of checks and balances.


Ideally, the Treasurer should have an auditor. This is someone that does not touch the money. He/She can review the checking account and receipts and statements. I had an auditor when I was the Pack's Treasurer. I would send him the receipts and he had online access to look at the checking account and match the checks to the receipts. He could not sign checks nor did he make deposits. (He is an IRS enforcement agent by trade. ;))


I am unsure if the SM and CC are going online and looking at the account. I will ask them about it. Although, I can't make the SM and CC go online and check my work. They have the ID and password to do so. I periodically send them my son's account statement so they can go over it. I don't want parents to think I am doing "funny stuff," so I create duplicate systems to assure there is an audit trail to track all of my work.


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I agree. Two signatures is a frail reed against financial abuse. And it's a burdensome nuisance, as far as I'm concerned.


My preference is to give the CC a copy of the checking account statement with check images each month and allow him to raise any questions or issues he might wish. This coupled with making it clear that the Pack Committee can appoint a new Treasurer any time they wish by adopting a resolution by majority vote (needed by the bank for them to change the person managing the account.


The idea is that if the CC decides he isn't satisfied with the job the Treasurer does for ANY reason or NO reason, there is a readily available way to appoint a new person.


That's my theory, anyway.



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Granted dual signatures are not perfect but it is still better than allowing the Treasurer to easily withdraw money as if it is his or her personal checking account. Another consideration, if the second signature is forged or if there is two person conspiracy, criminal intent is clear and prosecution is easier.


Besides as mentioned earlier, dual signatures for unit checking accounts is BSA policy.


Showing cancelled check images to your CC is another imperfect but good idea. Imperfect as the money is already gone and second those images can be edited.


Both imperfect measures demonstrate the Committee's honest attempt to protect the troop's assets, which is after all the Committee's, not just the treasurer or CC, responsibility.


Another $0.02,

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