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you might be taking your scouting too seriously if....

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Thought of a couple more already:)


...if all you think about it seems like is Scouts or someway connected to Scouts.


...if you dream to just buy so much camping gear or emergency preparedness gear (me in both situations;)).


...if you belong to Scouter.com or a Boy Scouts msn group.


...if you have way over 100 posts on Scouter.com



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If you wake up and go to bed by the sound of a Bugler.


If you insist that your kids meet certain requirements before they can go up to the next age.


If your family meets once a week for a meeting and open it which the Pledge of Allegiance, Scout Oath, and Scout Law.


If every shirt you have has the Fleur de lis on it.


If all your clothing has the colors khaki, red, or green somewhere in them.


If your family can have patches for doing certain chores.


And the final one, if you are constantly coming to this thread to add more way you might be too serious about scouting.


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You hear about a pond full of geese that take off suddenly and wonder if they left feathers behind that you can use for costuming.


You haunt antique stores for small coffee percolators that would be just perfect for backpacking.


You go to an auction looking for camping gear and good deals on cast iron skillets and dutch ovens.


You collect books on knots so you learn and teach more knots to scouts.


You go outside and decide that this is perfect weather for an overnight, and it's Tuesday.



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The Scout Service Center is on your speed dial.

You don't buy any socks that aren't green with red tops.

You sing camp fire songs in the shower.

A night out with the boys can mean over a 100 and most of them are under 16.

Your son goes through a uniform inspection everytime he leaves the house.

Your only artwork is all by Norman Rockwell.

Your Boxers have the name of the OA Lodge on them.


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If when someone leaves something at your house you totem it and lose a friend.


If once a week you empty out your frige for a crackerbarrel.


If you know the names of every District Execuitve in your Council by heart, the name of all the Scout Executive in your state, and past 10 Chief Scout Executives.


If your still postiing on this fourm.

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