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Venturing Rank

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How dare you, Chai! ;-) Just kidding. But that is an interesting thought. If Venturing has awards but not rank, are the Sea Scout recognitions also awards and not "ranks", as it were? It seems that the Quartermaster is a rank, or as I mistaken?

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If A is part of B then B must in all parts be like A ... which logical fallacy is that?


Of course, Sea Scouts have a rank system in addition to venturing awards and recognition. Those ranks have very specific meaning. (Just as you wouldn't trust young gangs of boys to be lead by less than first class scouts on their independent outings, you would prefer to not turn your boat over to a less-than-Able seamen.) They also have a collection of recognitions (http://www.seascout.org/youth/recognition) than include the venturing recognition.


I could imagine a specialty crew (be it in SCUBA or LARP) might have it's own set of "ranks" that would identify a person as qualified to independently operate and lead missions in their specialty.


But, there is no reason to think that a bronze-awarded venturer, even one who happens to be in an outdoor-oriented crew, would have any outdoor skills.

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