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Not sure if these would fall under the heading of Hobbies maybe more under the heading of interests.

Food. I love food eating it, cooking it, looking at it, reading about it.

Beer. I don't drink a lot but enjoy tasting beers from all over the world and finding the small microbrews.

London and London History. Still the greatest city in the world and to spend time finding out all that has happened along the banks of the river Thames going back to Roman times is just sheer joy. I have books and books and can bore the pants of anyone as well as walk their heels off when I'm over there.

People. I just love people. Young people old people any people they all have their own tale to tell and getting them to open up and let me in is just great.

Dogs. Both Her That Must Be Obeyed and myself are dog mad. At present we only have two but number three is on the way. My uncle Paddy was a much acclaimed dog trainer in Ireland, people would come from all over the country for him to train their herding dogs.He worked for the Earl Mount Charles at Slane Castle as the head dairyman.

Travel. Seems to go hand in hand with the other interests.

Reading & Music. I read just about anything and everything and always have some type of music playing. My Dad urged me to give up my trumpet lessons when the only thing that I managed to master was God Save The Queen, who knows if it had been A Soldier's Song ( Amhan Na bhFiann.) I have just about everything that the Fab Four ever done and most of the Stones. I'm not keen on modern jazz.

I have a keen interest in Scout Pioneering.


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I like the camping/rock climbing/backpacking/general outdoorsiness that I do with Ventures. I also like little kids (in a very NON-Michael-Jackson kind of way!;)). I like to draw... I'm into photography... I like animals and have aspirations of being disgustingly rich when I get older so I can own a white tiger, an elephant, a black panther, a panda, a chimpanzee, 2 horses, and your typical dogs, cats, rabbits, and small lizards. Oh, and a cute little green snake whom I will name Mr. Squiggles. :p I'm a movie freak but I hardly watch any tv at all, and I confess to having unhealthy obsessions with fun socks, pajamas, and Arby's curly fries. :)

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I'm kind of with FOG on this one -- I had some hobbies, but after the kids came along there were too many little hands getting into everything, so things just got packed away. I'm rediscovering some of them now that my boys are teenagers. Oh they still get into it, but they're much less destructive now ;)


In the past I enjoyed (as a teen):


Plastic model building - I had dozens of them, but they've long since met their fate in a Long Island landfill.


Dungeons & Dragons - short-lived; gave it up because it took forever to play anything. The computer versions are fun, but the time factor hasn't improved enough.


Lead Miniatures - sprang from my exposure to the D&D game. My one son just developed an interest in table-top wargaming -- which I don't mind, but them little figures sure got expensive over the last 20+ years.


Model Railroading - This grew from building models and from detailing lead miniatures. I've still got all my stuff packed in boxes in the garage. Someday . . .


Nowadays my interests are mostly Scout related:


Woodworking - minor stuff; I don't have the equipment or space to be too ambitious.


Woodcarving - presently just neckerchiefs slides, but I'm working up to hiking staves.


Leatherwork - I've only done very simple Scout-craft type projects, but leather tooling facinates me.


Birding - limited to trying to answer questions like - "What the heck kind of bird was that?"


Computers - mostly web design and some graphics.


Plus there's also the stuff I do for Mrs. ManyIrons. Most of that arises when we're in a store and she shows me some type of craft item she'd like to buy, to which I respond with "heck, I could make that". The only problem is she can find stuff way faster than I can make it. My current list of projects:


Painting a plaster Christmas village - I've used the shading and highlighting techniques I learned from painting lead miniatures and the results have been very pleasing. The problem is I've really got to be in the mood to do the painting and Mrs. MI now has 18 buildings in her village -- don't even ask how many of them have any paint on them.


Teaching her to paint ceramic figures -- hey, I'm gonna get that village painted one way or another.


Making various Penguin-themed holiday decorations - Yes it started with a booklet on how to make them and the statement "hey, I can do that!" If I start now they could be finished by next December.


Building a doll house - we haven't had a groundbreaking yet, don't even have blueprints, but it's coming -- it's coming.


and then there's all that landscaping left to do . . .




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"but them little figures sure got expensive over the last 20+ years."


That's because 30 years ago, you could buy any neat wizard figure and have him be any wizard out there. More power didn't cost more money.


Now these people got smart, if you want to have the Wizard to play their game, you have to buy THEIR wizard and more power costs more money.



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Campfire Fairy


If you do get disgustingly rich, and acquire all those animals, you will need a full time animal keeper. Don't forget your old Venture Advisor who would love to retire to a little cottage on the edge of your range and will tend to all your critters.

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FOG, while I was lamenting about the prices of all the gaming figures I've seen (all different companies), what you say is true.


My son's interest in table-top wargming is specific to the Lord of the Rings version where you have choices such as Gandalf the Grey, Gandalf fighting the Balrog, Gandalf the White, Gandalf on Shadowfax and maybe some others I don't know about. Can't say I blame the company -- if they didn't make them someone would be clamoring for them.


For the time being my son is content with using a few figures that came with the game plus other figures we raided out of an old "Battle Masters" game. Yeah they're not quite right, but they're good enough for now.


Also, both my boys are fascinated with the scenery and buildings used with the game. Although that stuff can be purchased they're more interested in making their own. We've got lots of styrofoam and model railroading stuff. Hey! All the money I save on that stuff could be put toward . . . . (groan).

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Hi. New to the forum. Figured this would be a good place to start.


I've been a former scouter for about four years now. Aching to "re-involve" with the program.


By trade I'm a journalist, but also trained as a musician. I sing in a local group, and try to support the arts whenever and wherever I am.


I collect scout items, books on writing, and have recently ceased collecting Star Trek stuff. That ocurred, not coincidentally, after I got married in December.



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This thread got me thinking. Well, this thread, and the 3 yard cuts of 10 different fabrics I got for Christmas, got me thinking.


I enjoyed reading about everyone's hobbies and posted my own. Then, when the thread re-surfaced, I re-read it and realized that I haven't quilted, or sewn, or read any good books for the past several months. I've been doing Scouting stuff as part of my job by day, and diving into these forums by night and weekend.


I realized that Scouting has become my hobby as well as my job. I have also realized that doing so is not exactly constructive to good mental health :)


I have enjoyed my time with you good people, but it's time to go back to quilting, sewing, reading and making chess sets once in a while when I have a free evening or weekend.


Thanks for your friendship. I appreciate your kindness, but I've got to get back into the habit of using my off-time for shutting the brain off and doing someting other than Scouting.


I'll miss you, but I hope you understand.



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Sorry to see you "retiring". Having you here has been very beneficial. I do understand what you're saying though: If I came home and spent siginificant amounts of time doing what I do at work, I'd be a little upset with myself, too.


Hope you'll check in from time to time, though. Especially to let us know where you landed.


Good luck my friend!




(I hope you read posts for a coupe of days before you're gone completely, or this will have been a waste of time!)

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