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Hiking Staffs and Medallions

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Most medallions are expected to be nailed to the staff. The diameter is variable depending on how tight the nails are pounded in. The medallions are made of soft enough metal they could even be mounted on a flat board without a problem. If one is worried about the nail holes, they might want to consider forming the shape on the staff and then using liquid nails to adhere with.



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Yup. Like Stosh said - they (the BSA medalions available at the Scout Shop) are really soft aluminum. They are pre-rolled, but the diameter is not exactly for "their" (the BSA Staff available at the Scout Shop) staffs. You'll have to definetly "work" it to exactly conform to the staff shape.


Liquid nails is a good option, but you'll want to figure out a good way to wrap the entire assembly to dry, to ensure the medallion holds the shape.


I do both - nails and adhesive, and I've used the staffs and also "walking sticks" that were natural tree branches with good success. I will use wax paper and then "whip" around the glued medallion around the staff. Either way, the rolled shape of the medallions are never exactly the same as the walking stick it's being applied to.

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