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What did you get for Christmas (Scouts related)?

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I won't count my trip home to Minneapolis and Detroit with the kids, since it's not Scouts-related by itself. However, a recurring theme during the trip was a great gift, and it is definitely Scouts-related in my opinion. Everywhere we went, especially the obligatory stop-ins with extended family members we haven't seen in four years, I was asked what I did to get the kids so well-mannered and even-tempered. Now, Mrs. KS and I do our best with them (okay, mostly Mrs. KS), but a huge part of the way they deal with others, each other, and situations they face is a direct benefit of their Scouting experiences. Naturally, I used those comments as teachable moments for them and to urge my sister to get her son into Scouting; who wouldn't? Maybe they'll turn out okay despite their old man.


I did indulge myself a little bit, and bought a campaign hat at a military surplus store. Packing that thing so it wouldn't get beat up on the way back to Honolulu was a trick, but it survived okay. Watch out Scouts, my "costume" is now complete!



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