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What did you get for Christmas (Scouts related)?

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Like the title says, what did you get? I'll start I guess:)


--Black Diamond Half Dome Climbing helmet

--Franklin Climbing gloves

--multiple ditty bags

--tent broom kit thing;)

--one burner propane stove and bottle of fuel


--"casualty" blanket as called by military; cant think of other name off hand

--membership to REI:)

--$25 which is going towards more gear (REI here I come:))


I also got a book called Absolutely American which is about 4 years of West Point and a book called Infantry Combat.

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My son and I each received an air mattress (we have been using skinny foam pads) and a non-electric pump for inflating same. I don't think Santa quite got the idea that there are trips where we need to pack all our stuff to the site in one trip, to say nothing of backpacking trips themselves. These things are really no good for any of those kinds of trips as they are too bulky, and also pretty heavy. I am not going to look a gift mattress in the mouth, however.


My son's troop gave all the boys new pocketknives. I suspect that someone "came into" a supply of these... if they were going to go out and buy something, they probably would have bought something that the boys didn't all have already -- and since all the younger boys (including my son) came from a pack that gives a Boy Scout pocket knife to all departing Webelos, I think it is a pretty safe bet that they all did.

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I was fortunate to receive a new pair of hiking boots. The last new pair I got was seventeen years ago (I was a frosh in high school at the time).


Something that I was very excited to get and kind of Scout related is the Indiana Jones DVD set. Not only is there a scene of young Indiana Jones as a Scout, but seeing these movies always gets me excited to go out with my troop and have more adventures.

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It isn't exactly a present, since I had to pay for it, but I did get permission from She Who Must Be Obeyed to buy it, so in that sense it is a gift.


One of the dads in our troop who is a welder, converted the back end of a relatively new pickup truck into a utility trailer. He also added a watertight compartment in front of the truck bed. He had it up for sale, just to get rid of what was left of the truck after an accident I guess, and I bought it. Now I can haul up to 6 scouts, myself and gear along on a trip, which is about the only use I will get out of this thing.


So if you see late model converted pickup bed hauling down the road with a bunch of camping gear being pulled by an SUV with scouts in it, it's probably me...


Scouting Again

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I got my backpacking tent early, so I could actually go backpacking with it. Under the tree, though was a Boy Scout uniform shirt that I wanted so I can wear it for my ASM duties. Not on my list, but rocking oh so much wwas an LED headlight -- my mom is awesome! She's embraced my Boy Scoutness and buys some awesome Christmas gifts.

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