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Ad Hoc Raingutter regatta or space derby or? for a regular pack meeting

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We did "angry bird tennis". Go to your lowes or Home Depot or sherwin Williams and ask for a bunch of the large paint stir sticks. Go to dollar store and buy the 9" solid color birthday plates in angry bird colors and some regular balloons and finally google "angry bird balloon face template" and print out the angry bird faces. Duct tape and regular tape too. Duct tape the paint stick to back of party plate making a tennis racket then cut out and glue I the angry bird face parts to the party plate. Blow up balloons and let them whack them around the room or back and forth.

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So I was brainstorming with a coworker who is an AWANA leader.

What I'm planning to do is set up 4 gutters

split the boys into 4 teams, not by den, just purely random

If I can, I'll get a Den Leader on each team as anchor man, fall guy, or cheerleader.....

Have them line up and do a relay, as soon as number 1 finishes the next runs......

I think each run will be 2 ways up and back to stretch it out....

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follow-up post


So I ran the relay race as described in my last post....

the only thing that fell through was the den leaders.

I asked one to be on each team, but they didn't understand to make a boat. They were just corralling each team, and I didn't realize this until we started to run.

It was organized chaos with no really clear winner

and the boys had a great time.

We ran two "organized relays".... once then reset.

Then just let the boys run randomly for maybe 10 minutes


It was perfect, just what I had hoped.


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I've done this many times as a pack recruiting event.



I cut boat shaped pieces of .75" wood and have rods for masts and cut pieces of corrugated plastic for sails.


I salvage signs from along the street and use the wire form that holds the signs up for masts and the corrugated plastic sign for sails. I spray paint the sign to cover up the adevertizing, then cut the sig into various sized sails.


I use bolt cutters to cut the advertizing sign wire into masts.


I have three sets of raingutters. Boy pick who they want to race against.


I make up Boat Racing Licenses and print them off on a library computer for free.


Each time a boys wins a race, they are awarded a sticker they can put on their racing license or boat.


I spray paint the boats in various colors before the event, and boys can decorate their boats if they wish.


This is WILDLY popular with boys! They may not be able to remember what "Webelos" means, but six months later they can remember how many stickers they won!


And it's a GREAT recruiting tool. I take a large model boat into Elementary schools at lunch and ask boys if they would like to come and make and race boats against their buddies --- the turnout tends to be fine.


And the cost is negligible. Boats are cut from scrap wood and the signs are just litter along the road.


I do much the same thing with stomp bottle rockets

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