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Webelos transition to boy scouts

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We pretty much let 'em come when they want, although the bulk comes in March or April, depending on the Pack's schedule. We normally have a boy or two that comes earlier than his Den and essentially does both Troop and Pack activities for a month. So far as I'm concerned, each Scout/family can call their own tune on this, we don't have any trouble adapting.

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From the point of view of a Troop leader, I want the boys earlier than April or May. I agree with T2Eagle. One of the best experiences for first year Scouts is summer camp. But they (and more so their parents) need to be conformable with the leadership in the Troop before they commit to a week of summer camp. The earlier they bridge, and the more opportunity they have to meet with the Troop and to camp as members of the troop before they need to commit to summer camp, the more likely they are to attend summer camp. From the fifth grader's prospective, mothers may be a bit reluctant to make the move, but the Boys themselves are excited move up. Many of them are "done" with Cub Scouts


On the Pack side, we've moved the Pinewood Derby up to January and bridging is now in March. Everyone seem happy with this arrangement.

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