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Recently our Lodge's conclave fees went up by $10 (from $15 to $25). When we asked the Lodge officers and advisors the reason for this increase, we were told that the camp (now part of the Michigan Crossroads Council) is charging building and camp site usage fees This was never the case in the past as we are spending an entire day in service to the camp, fees were waived.

Were we spoiled in the past, or does this seem absurd?

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Camp usage fees up? Seems they should be down to 0 from the closing and selling of camps by Michigan Crossroads Council. A few weeks ago, they sold Camp Awagam for $1,025,000 (appraised value $1.5mil).




My $0.02

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I take it by your description that by Conclave, you mean a work weekend combined with Ordeal and Brotherhood (and possibly Vigil) ceremonies. I've always thought of Conclave as a place for training and sharing ideas which generally does not have a service project component.


Either way, I'd call it absurd. The value of the amount of work done in a single work weekend at camp should be more than enough to justify waiving the fees. I wonder if the Council camping committee and/or executive board, knows about this policy and has agreed to it. Maybe this new Council is just so large now that the professionals can institute new fees and policies without the Exec Board even knowing anything about it.


I don't recall ever reading or hearing anything that said that OA work weekends had to be done on Scout Camps - if it were my Lodge, there is a really good chance that we would be holding our next work weekend at the nearest State Park with a camping area.

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The Fees really depend on what you get at camp. I know when my lodge (Agaming Maangogwan) goes to camp Rotary in Clare MI we pay more money but what do we get?

1) Food cooked by the year round professional staff

2) A very large dinning hall with full basement

3) At least 2 cabins


Now we are at camp to do service for the camp, (remember the OA was started at a summer camp and one of our core principles is to promote and support the council camping program) but we get so much back from the camp that our cost may go up but we still get a discounted price.

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