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Need info on Hiking medallion

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I know its not a patch but this still seemed the logical place to ask this question. My folks bought me a walking stick with a "once and Eagle always and Eagle" medallion on it a few years back as an Xmas gift. As my son has gotten into scouts I've bought other medallions showing badges and ranks I earned. Now my son has done some wood carving/whittling on a hiking staff to enter into the county fair coming up. He's carved a basic design, made a spiral para-chord hand grip, sand and stained it, set a compass in the head of it, and now he has started putting his first hopefully of many scout medallions into it. He wants to earn all the ones I did and more which is great, but as he looks for things to do for other medallions he has come across one I don't know anything about and have had limited success in researching it.


On Scoutstuff.org there is a hiking medallion that is called, "I Made It" and in its circumference it says U.S. Geological Survey - Bench Mark with an empty center as if to have it engraved.

I glanced at the survey MB book but didn't see any mention of it. Can anyone tell us its meaning and where we can read up on it?

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If you reached a summit with a USGS marker, then you earned it. Note there is space to engrave information as you choose and can fit - summit, elevation, or date, or With My Dad,...


This ebay seller has that medallion and specific summit medallions.


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In-case the link doesn't work, go through Scoutstuff.com's drop-down menu as

Gifts & Gift Cards>Outdoor>Medallions & Shields

There are more medallions, mostly wood badge, at


And then Philmont Specific medallions here



BTW, My son got a blue ribbon for his Hiking stick, AND Best of Class for it in the Boy Scout division. He is very proud of his ribbons and is already planning out a new design for another staff for next years county fair. Instead of fancy medallions he is researching "Survival Staves" on YouTube.

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