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My Mother, the Cubmaster

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Some of us are born Scouters, others become Scouters, and others have it thrust upon them! This is one of those stories.


I was a Webelos I Scout at the time, my father served as our Den Leader. We were sitting at one of our monthly Pack Meetings when the Cubmaster told us she was stepping down, her heart was in the Girl Scouts. My mother had dozed off in the chair and was fast asleep when the Cubmaster made her announcement. "The Pack needs a Cubmaster," she says, "is anyone willing to take this responsibility?"


About that time, my father nudges my sleeping mother and whispers, "Karen put your hand up, that's you."


She did. Looking around the room she saw she was the only one with their hand raised. The Cubmaster was ecstatic, she dragged my still half-asleep mother up to the front and exclaimed, "we have a new Cubmaster!"


She went on to serve in this position for ten years.

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