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Any info on Troop Track?

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With new leadership the subject has come up again. Last year I wanted to subscribe to Troopwebhost for communications, event signups and planning. The AC didn't want to budge from Troopmaster and I was fine with that. Advancement is not a problem I am looking to solve. Having a platform for Scouts and parents to communicate and plan is. Now someone has brought up Troop Track. Anyone use it?

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KDD, I am a recent "convert" to Troop Track. I like the fact that it handles event and other emailing tasks and that scouts and parents can view troop information. However, as a long time Troopmaster user there are aspects I do not like: report formatting, the board of review report is terrible, lack of automatic merit badge alignment with ranks, among other things. The creators are diligently working toward user suggested improvements. So we are currently using both programs (just renewed TM for another three years!). This means that I am making duplicate entries but we are a small troop and the level of work is acceptable.

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