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Venturing changed hand salute last year?

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I recall vaguely that the Venturing and Cub Programs were supposed to change the hand salutes, was that to happen on January 1st 2014?


I understand there are some big changes just released regarding advancement, but I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I'm hazy on whether the hand salute has changed.


I'm not crazy, right? :)

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Cubs don't change salute, sign or handclasp.

Venturers change to Scout salute, sign, and handclasp. Scout sign and salute are with first three fingers.



Q. Is it true that Venturers will now use the Scout sign and salute? What about the Scout Oath and Law?

A. Yes, Venturers will adopt the Scout sign and salute, used worldwide by older youth in our programs. Venturers will also begin using Scout Oath and Law. These changes are effective May 2014, although we hear units are already adopting these practices.


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I'm not crazy' date=' right? :)[/quote'] Well, that's kind of hard to assess. Like my trainers on the council venturing committee would often tell me: "you may be crazy, but you're not wrong!
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