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Reputable First Aid Kit Companies for Fundraising?

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Hi, even though we had a smashing success with popcorn the past few years, our Pack has decided to take a break from it as parents were burned out on it, and we were getting complaints about the price.


Our leaders decided to try something else -something that would be useful to families, so we decided on doing a first-aid kit fundraiser (or earthquake kits, as we live in So Cal).


There are so many options, it's overwhelming. If you've done a first aid kit fundraiser, can you tell me what company you used (that you like), or which companies to perhaps avoid?


I'd appreciate it!



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I know a very successful troop that sells frozen pizza about 3 times a year. One time period is two weeks prior to Super Bowl. My school does the same thing. I don't need expensive popcorn around the house, but my boys do eat frozen pizza often. So I buy around 10 each time, just work those repeat customers. A weird one I have heard is very successful is Simply Sheets. Everyone uses sheets and the profit is $20 per set sold at $40. 1800 thread count. OR dress the Cubs in drag and sell cookies, I think that's kosher now. Everyone loves cookies!

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