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An Open Petition...

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Pompous, arrogant, and book-thumper differ greatly from loudmouth, bullying, and bigoted. One is on the High Road, the other on the Low Road.


FOG I am sorry to say that your approach gives me, and I suspect many others, a felling that you are a man lacking respect and overflowing with immaturity. Your disagreements with Bob White (and others) can be posted with more class and respect. Your expertise and knowledge of Scouting can be brought to this forum in more constructive manner. Much as LauraT7 has said, would your Scouts, your Wife or your son(s) be proud of your posts here? I think not, I know mine would not be.



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"loudmouth, bullying, and bigoted"


Loudmouthed? Maybe metaphorically.


Bullying? Bullying implies that the bully is in a position of power. I have no power over Bob White, in fact he has the power based on his special relationship with the moderator.


Bigoted? Still looking for an example of that.

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Sorry Bob White, you also a great guy. I just dont know why you two scouter can come together for the common sake of Scouting. I beleive most of all of you scouters are great guys, so lets end the feud and you two men sign the petition also. The reason I said that he was a great guy is that he has helped me make some decisions, so has Bob White, and many other of you guys.


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Merry Christmas to everyone on the Scouter Forums, posters and lurkers alike.


I pray that you all have a Blessed Christmas and a Very Blessed New Year.


Let's remember that we have Jr. Leaders who post on theses forums as well. There maybe those who just lurk around just to gather information for their units.


Our replies to one another sets up our example of how we treat others in public. Is what we do here a reflection of what we do at home or at our Troop meetings or campouts? Do we teach our Scouts to do the very same things that we post here?


Although many of us have not yet met and in due to time we may, Our writings tell of our character, personality, way of life, and background.


Let's start Christmas and the New Year with a new slate.



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I agree with FSCOUTER. Both should get a little less reactive and get a thicker skin.


1.Do they overreact? YES

2.Should they show more respect for each other and this forum? YES!

3.Should they be kicked off? NO!

4.Should they as Scouters follow (at least try)the Scout Law (especialy the 5th point!)? YES!


If the petition stands for the above items,

Sign me up!

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Sorry Packsaddle but if you read through their responses to this thread then you will see that that will not happen.


I used to use this forum for a lot of good information on scouting but it has gotten ridiculous in the personal attacks that have been going on. I don't understand how two people could claim to be such experts on scouting and yet seem to ignore several of the 12 points of the scout law, in particular courteous and kind.


Time to move on to other forums I guess.

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Benny -


Don't move on, just learn to adjust. When you pose a question, just read about the first page. Page two on is where it starts getting stinky...

There's still a lot of good knowledge in here, and it's worth the effort for me to glean what I can.


Maybe what we need is to get together around a good campfire with a hot cuppa joe!



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Captionron14, seemed to understand the intent of the original post in the same way that I did, without worrying about who was right or wrong. I too stop reading when the bickering starts. I enjoy this forum, and would hope that we could all try to just get along. Have a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, and best wishes for the coming year. YIS, Keschmahalen

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The first time I visited the Philmont Training Center, I was treated with the theme of a Scout is friendly. I guess it was a feeling that we are alike in many ways or that we share similar experiences or we attempt to be, or maybe, we are just friendly.


One evening in camp, I went to take a shower and returned four hours later. I found myself going from one conversation to the next as I went down the lane. I was invited in to almost every conversation from any part of the country as if I had membership and tenure with each group. They never questioned my reason for being there and never formally invited me in. They just accepted me and we talked Scouting.


We are not bound by any rule to like each other. I believe that those of us that are in the Scouting movement, voluntarily bind our tongues and our actions to the ideals of Scouting or try. The reason is simple, it is the best way for us to live together and it allows us to achieve things that we could not do on our own and do it with dignity.


I have been called ugly names before by those that call themselves Scouters. I know what it is like to be on the short end of a confrontation that was going nowhere. Liking it is not an option for me. Forgiveness is my option of choice because I want to be a Scouter. The few friends that I have been able to make over the years after leaving high school has been, in part, because of Scouting. They have not always liked me, nor me them. In spite of our differences, we continued to work together. I want to thank those Scouters for doing so because I am not always easy to be around.


I believe Scouting to be a Brotherhood based on the agreed on ideals. The times that it has worked, has been the best part of my life. I ask the individuals involved in the matter of this conversation, to consider forgiveness and forgetfulness. There is much to do and we need your help and resources to get it done. Sincerely, FB


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