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An Open Petition...

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I will sign a Petition to have fog removed from this board.

I have sent the moderator of this board an message asking for such, but I have not got a reply.

For all of you who think that fog is an asset all I have to say is good luck to you, if that is the best that you can read people. The sheep thing was way over the top, along with all of the bigotry he has spewed over the last 6 months. Than top it off with all of the myths of scouting that he trys to make as the real BSA program.

With that I wish you all a Good Night.


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Sorry but I'm not signing.


I like both FOG and BW's posts.


FOGGY is an equal opportunity buster of chops...he's gotten me a few times, but overall I like his opinions on some things. He call them like he see them.


BW knows the ins and outs of the Scouting movement. He really knows his stuff. I've used Bob's advice on the board quite a few times.


As for them not playing nice, heck I think we have all been guilty at one time or another.


I say keep it as it...at least some times the stuff can be semi-entertaining...better than most stuff that's on tv now a days :)



(These are the opinions of purcelce)

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Here, here. Please sign my name up, being one with strong opinions, that have managed to anger both with a single post (thank you, thank you) i have noticed that alone they simply criticize and recite BSA policy, and together they repeat each other while slinging insults for kicks and giggles

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I really think it needs to stop. As most of you know I'm 14 and a current Scout. I hear enough of this from my siblings, classmates and troopmates. I dont need it from adults too who are supposed to be "a role model to the Scouts teaching them values" or whatever.


This is from another forum on their front page.


"RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: This forum is for the discussion of tactical issues and is for the enjoyment of the members. REMEMBER: Be civil. Let's not have any personal attacks. Don't hide behind your screen. If you wouldn't be comfortable sitting across the table and saying your piece to the other person face to face, don't post it here. Also, don't overuse profanity. If you feel you must be profane to reinforce your point, by all means do it. Just keep it within the same bounds you would restrict yourself to as a productive member of any other society. IMPORTANT: Do not post any personal information here -- Live by OPSEC and PERSEC. Don't post anything here you don't want printed on the front page of the New York Times or on the Fox News Crawler. And especially do not post someone else's personal information!

ATTENTION LURKERS: Everyone is welcome in our community as long as our simple rules are followed. If you have something to say that is relevant to the discussion, or if you have a topic that you'd like to bring up, you are certainly encouraged to join in the discussion. If you just want to generate hate and discontent, spread an unwelcome agenda, or disrupt the normal activities of the members here; go somewhere else, right now. There are plenty of places online where you can be an asshole, please don't be one here. Our community enjoys talking about controversial subjects, of a tactical nature or not, and we prize every opportunity to joke around with one another -- we have a good time. Let's not waste bandwidth with crazy bull **** and lets remember that we are on the internet. Tone of voice and facial expression are hard to convey online. Use the emoticons. Have fun, hob nob with your old friends, make some new ones, but keep it civil and respectful. Enjoy the forum."




I, too, am with Dan on this one. I have been for the longest time and still am now. I really feel he needs to go ASAP. PLEASE, I beg you...


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Much as I don't like to see people at odds with each other. Much as I know at times I have posted when I have been tired or feeling a little bit cantankerous. I think that maybe by signing it would be sending the wrong message. I for one am very grateful that Bob White is here. I really do think that he knows and understands this program. I have been in contact with him outside of these pages and even when we disagree we have managed to do so in a Scoutlike and respectful manner.

FOG can at times be mildly amusing. However there are times when I think that his sole purpose in these forums is to get as many jabs in as he can. That isn't to say that he is always wrong. It could be that he was scared by a plumber while he was being potty trained and his only recompense is to take his ill feelings out on others. Whatever his reasons for being here are his.

So I can not in good faith sign.


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I agree that the animosity should stop.


This IS a BOY SCOUT forum, and we should all behave on it as if the boys in our troops were hanging around the campfire, listening.


Many of us have actively pursued the opinions of the scouts/ youth on this board - like Hops and others. I have mentioned this site to my troops boys and know some of them read it, even if they don't post.


I do NOT agree that the fault is equally shared.


Our troop has gained ALOT from the posts here, and much of it from Bob White.


Bob White is a very experienced, well read and well trained scouter. He has a wide reach of BSA knowledge, materials and training literature. Everything he has ever posted in answer to my questions and comments has been TRUE to BSA issued information. It's just that he knows where to find it and I do not. Once in awhile he has misread or misunderstood a post or question and answered what he thought he read - which is something we all do sometimes. Bob White has a short and dry delivery style that sometime 'sounds' curt & turns people off. (he's not nearly as wordy as i am! LOL!)But that doesn't make him rude or argumentative, just efficient!


Bob has always behaved like a gentleman, though sometimes, like a gentleman pushed to the limit of his patience! Even gentlemen can only take so much!


On the other hand, While FOG has sometimes been entertaining, and he has interesting opinions - I have seldom, if ever, gotten any really useful advice or information from FOG's posts that could benefit myself or my troop. Once the feud with Bob started, FOG seemed to simply take delight in taking pot shots at Bob White, specifically. Once in awhile he will choose to aim his sharp tongue at someone else - but he always returns to Bob White. I enjoy a lively argument as much as the next person, and will be a devil's advocate myself at times - but I would never seek out a particular person as my target. Not only is it simply rude, but it's unbecoming of a Scout!


Somehow I picture FOG as being an older version of the somewhat insecure playground bully, searching the forum for someone to pounce on to make himself seem bigger. FOG has been rude, crude and just plain mean! You can disagree without behaving like a bully and a brat!


Really, FOG, would you be PROUD to show ALL of your posts to the boys in YOUR troop? Would you behave this way IN PERSON to another scouter in front of your troop's boys?




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I will confess to being mildly amused at times at the banter between BW and FOG. There are times the tone of the discussion can get more than a little antagonistic. I will also say I have learned a lot from both, especially BW and would not like to see either one leave the forums.


I'll sign the petition in hopes the tone of the discussion can be modified to a more civilized level.





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I really appreciate and agree with what Zahnada wanted to do. To try to bring us together in this special time of year. But even this thread disintegrated into snipping. I was away from the forum for four days and returned with great hope of having a positive experience in Scouting over the net. Oh well I guess I was wrong.


I agree with LauraT7. There just does not seem to be a whole lot of Scout Spirit in the character make up of some posters here. I have learned a lot about Scouting here, as well as about human nature. However, more and more, this forum has become a waste of time. Unless things change with this forum, I will move on. I know this will be of little concern for some and I will not lose any sleep over it either.




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"The bickering clogs up this valuable asset to leaders. If people would read the entire post/thread and read between the lines a little most of the miscommunication would end. "


The bickering sure keeps me from posting much, or reading it much anymore...........can't we all be 'gentler,' more patient, less angry? Is there room for jealousy of 'knowledge' in scouting? Is that what a real leader shows in daily life?


I had encouraged the scouts in the troop to become members here, but I really have backed off on that, there's just to much anger and backbiting, as evidenced by the posts to this petition.


I'll sign in hopes of thicker skins being developed and the good of all, being the primary thought.




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The petition being "a call for Bob White and Fat Old Guy to stop bringing a negative tone to this forum", I whole-heartedly sign-on.


Thicken your skin a bit and avoid the urge to get defensive. Bob, he's pushing your buttons. Why fall into his traps by reacting? Bickering is sooo childish, and accomplishes what? Nothing.


Realize that there are lots of different kinds of people in this world, and one cannot make the people one dislikes go away.

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