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So sorry to hear that. I would follow the lead of the SM and his family. The boys might all arrive at visitation together, they might offer to help at the service (directing traffic, ushering, providing lunch afterword, etc ...). The family might want them to be in uniform, or they might prefer religious dress. For many boys this may be their first funeral. Especially if they are a different religion than the SM, you may need to explain to them the appropriate way to approach the casket and how to introduce themselves and convey their sympathies to the family.

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Qwazse has the right of it.


However, a SM's wife sacrifices much for the sake of the scouts, and there's no better way to let the SM and his family understand what was accomplished by her sacrifice then for the entire troop to appear in full uniform, allowing them to see who this fine group of young men, and not only extend condolences to the family, but also express gratitude for all the SM's wife did to support the program.


If you want to go a step further, recognizing that this will be a difficult time for the SM, organize the scouts to help him. Don't ask, just show up: Mow his grass, wash his car, weed his garden, take his trash to the curb ... ect

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Thanks guys, I guess I sorta knew that but was in a mild state of shock, there was no warning.... everything seemed fine....

I don't know what caused it and right now I'm not about to ask

I think everyone of the scouts not out of town on vacation showed up in class A. for the viewing, funeral, and graveside service'

Now for the car washing etc

Frank I like the black strip idea how do you add it on?

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