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Scouts with severe food allergies

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Can we accept Darwinian ideals and accommodate these people? :p
And Darwin face-palms. The secular myth of origins allows that high degree of empathy confers survival advantage among species with very social individuals. Or, in terms we understand, a scout is kind. There is something very good about a patrol of boys learning to adjust to one another's disabilities. With a new scout, this will involve some parental guidance, but soon the boys will gain the respect for the disability they need to deal with the situation.
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It's not a matter of evolution, it's a matter of living in too clean of an environment, IMHO. Kids aren't eating enough dirt as toddlers.

You need to talk to Council about this.

I beg your pardon?

Thanks everyone for your replies. We have decided that the boys Mother will need to attend the campouts as we don't want the responsibility. The only thing that kind of stinks is that I feel we are sacrificing others "rights" to accomidate this one boy. By rights I mean we have to limit what everyone can have. Hope that makes sense.

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