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Webelos I Den camping Trips

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It seems I have been promoted from Tiger den leader to Webelos I den leader I am so smart I skipped wolf and bear HAAAA. I am starting early taking my self thought the Webelos requirements and doing really well only had to be resuscitated one while trying to earn my athlete badge. Now to the Question The book mentions camping as a den I would like to do that with my den early like and include that Den Meetings Plans 2 and 3 if Naturalist and Forester requirements on the camping trip. Am I moving too fast expecting too much or is this a really good idea and a change for me to bond with my cubs and there parents ?

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I wouldn't try to work on too many requirements at the campout. Keep it fun. The boys will be having such a great time they won't want to sit down for very long to listen to someone blab on.


You also need to decide if this is going to be a family camp or a den camp. Webelos are allowed to camp without their parents so long as you adhere to the two-deep leadership for an outing.

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If you do it right/smart, you will have fun and be working on requirements in the woods. When you're hiking make sure you are asking questions "who can spot a decomposer." "Who can find the most animals." "How many different things could you use that pine tree for." Get them to start coming up with the answers rather than you just telling them. Most of all fun!

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Here is what I was thinking of doing

Friday night (I show up to set things up and take the night off)

Saturday Morning Kids and Parents show up and we start with Den Meeting #2 Naturalist

1. We are in a state park forest so that counts as a nature centre

2. I will talk about fly ways and the migration should be starting I am planning on going on the fall

3. We plant the bug jars to make our insect zoo

4. Hike to Identify Different Trees in the park even a 350 year old holly tree that is there

A. There is a lot of poison ivy around and some night shade ferns

B. We will find examples of producer and consumer and decompose in the food chain

C. Pointed out on the hike and in the bug jars when we get back

D. Also on the Hike we will talk about human impact and pick up trash

E. Identify six forest plants

F. We will be camping on and island that has a small wetland around it so we can talk about those and how they clean the water

Naturalist is done Forester started

Lunch and then free time about 2 hours

Parents and kids work if the parents want to stay between them selves

Saturday evening

Look at the bug zoo and see what is going on there

let the bugs go can hunt night crawlers and worms and put them in a jar with the sand extra


Morning wake up

breakfast and break camp

Den meeting (kind of)

2. Identify six forest plants

3. Describe both the benefits and the harm

wildfires can cause in a forest ecosystem.


With there adult partner they can complete the one more requirement for home work

Forester is completed

Am I aiming too high ?


Worst come to worse if the kids are not in the mood at least they had a good camping tip I am willing to try and work these requirements in kind of hidden (Hay guys what kind of plant do you think that is) what kind of tree is this sort kind of like that






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A Nature Center is a very specific place. It is a learning center with exhibits and usually a Naturalist on staff. Just being physically in a State Forest is not the same thing at all.


Are poison ivy, and night shade ferns the only poisonous plants in your area? Your Scouts need to be able to recognize ALL of them, not just two.


What about the other part of that requirement? Are there no venomous reptiles in your area at all?


You will only have covered 3 of the 5 Forester requirements.


Don't jam to much into one camping trip. Let the boys have fun and experience their first camp out.




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scout nut and tampa turtle thanks for your input I am not going to be going on this trip until September or October.

Thanks for point out the Nature Center as for the venomous reptiles we really only have two in our area Copper head and the Timber Rattler snake in my hole life of fishing I have only seen one copper head and never seen a rattler they are very hard to find. I like to plan a lot things like this and have no problem letting things slip to the way side and pick them up latter if the kids are not having fun I have two thoughts that always come to mind when planning and doing stuff "No battle plan ever survived first contact with the enemy" Field Marshall Helmuth Carl Bernard Graf von Moltke

"plans are useless but planning is indispensable." Dwight D. Eisenhower


So it would be really good to let the kids run the show so to speak and see if they want to do that stuff ?

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While this his a lot of information, it's just laying down the foundation. Now, on ever hike you can continue to learn new things and reinforce the things you've already talked about. Scavenger hunts are always fun. Give them a check off sheet for the things they find so they don't have to take them. The other thing we always cover before and during a hike is "hiking safety" and "Leave No Trace."

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Love your enthusiasm.

The old Webelos Den Leader guide had a lot of great hands on ideas in general for Web leaders. I recommend it for the ideas. Focus on hands on and active in general. (Sounds like you get this idea by trying to 'sneak in the learning').


Add some games in your plan. You can plan all those things for your campout, but boys will be working on camping skills also. I suggest planning a completion of one webelos pin and plan some additional hands on items if your guys have energy and attention. Not everything needs to be an achievement towards awards. I suggest planning additional campouts and hikes in your Webs schedule where you accomplish some of the other things (along with games, more games, and time for fishing.)


Have fun with your boys and write back and tell us how it is going.

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take a look at conservation center programs for webelos. We have 3 near here that I know of because I used them. Helped with forester, naturalist, and geology. 2 of these are at locations where camping is allowed so was able to focus my time and work on the camping, games, etc.... and just walked the boys up to the conservationist and learned with them and walked them back. While I knew enough to teach the activity pins I will admit the conservationists knew much more and I learned quite a bit as well.


The ones in our area are either free if camping or just a small fee. And if you ask if the boys can provide work on a service project sometimes you can get camping and program for free.

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