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Whatever we end up buying isn't going to see much use. We have a small travel trailer that we will continue to use for our personal camping trips. I appreciate the suggestions so far, and I'll check out Scout Direct. My husband thinks we should get something fairly cheap, since we won't be using it much and plan on buying a nicer, lightweight 2-man tent for our son when he moves on from family camping to sleeping in his own tent. We live in the Pacific northwest, so I am well acquainted with camping in the rain, how to waterproof, and how to not let a little rain ruin a camping trip. I'm leaning towards an 8-man dome tent at this point, but I'm not done shopping around yet. Thanks for the suggestions so far.

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Family favorite - http://www.alpsmountaineering.com/alps/products/tents/camping-tents/taurus


We have two of these in the 4-person variety from Scout Direct. They give our tall family (boys 6'4" - girls 5'10") room to move in. Son loves when he has one to himself!


The full fly lets you bump into the sides without starting capillary leaks when it is raining, and lets you keep windows open for more ventilation. Also, love the vestibules! You can leave your muddy shoes outside where they will stay dry and protected.


Made it thru a horrendous storm with near tornado like winds safe and dry.


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Get a big Coleman for your family, that will be fine.


For your husband and son to use more frequently, I suggest a good 3- or 4-man tent from REI. If you get a membership, there are 25% off coupons several times per year. Get the footprint for the specific tent, too. Yes, these tents are more expensive but they will absolutely hold up better and keep you dryer when it inevitably rains.

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