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Button Question

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Yikes! Central supply changed the buttons on the standard issue field uniform from black to beige! (Can't tell from scoutstuff if the venturing shirt buttons have been changed to green.)

When did that happen?


For what it's worth, when the venturing shirt was revised, our female VOA officers refused to buy it because the buttons (also black) no longer had insignia on them.

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Buttons on the old ' Oscar de la Renta: uniforms had very dark brown buttons with the FDL on them. Cubs have black button with the FDL on them. And my old Explorer/Venturing uniforms had the same buttons as the Boy Scouts shirts of that time.


When the Centennial Uniforms came out, they had tan buttons with "Boy Scouts of America" on them.


What I REALLY need is a red button for my old jac shirt. :) Those are hard to find! ;)

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Before the recent change, the buttons were dark brown. When BSA announced they would no longer sell the little plastic bags of replacement buttons, I stocked Up.


I will consider trades for classic BSA knives. ^___^

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