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Scouts in Memorial Day Parade 2014 {Butler County Ohio}

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The local Scout Groups were out Memorial Day 2014 Butler County Ohio:


Pack 939



Pack 940



Pack 942



Pack 947



Pack 956 was noted in local newspaper 5/28/2014 as also particpating in Memorial Day activites

{Didnt add it yesterday because it noted until today!}

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My troop of 3 boys and another troop from the council were the only troops in our Memorial Day parade. By the way the other troop was the special needs troop and one of the scouts was in a wheel chair pushed by an Eagle Scout with no POR on his sleeve. Community of 50,000 and a good 12 potential troops to draw. We waved to a number of scouters watching the parade from the curb. My ASM was fuming by the end of the parade in that for the ceremony at the cemetery, only our 3 scouts were there.


Yes, it rained, and my boys, all in full field uniform refused to cover up with rain gear. The military personnel in attendance, military units, Am Legion, etc. none covered up so my boys wouldn't either. :)



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My Troop planted flags on Saturday, and on Sunday were part of a Memorial Day ceremony attended by several hundred folks. I tied in American Heritage MB to it, and the boys interviewed veterans who were onsite as well (nothing like letting an older vet tell stories to the boys to make both get value). Parade of flags, color guard, the whole bit.

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