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IMO It is too bad the BSA (National, Council, district, CO, scouts,and scouters, etc...) don't simply accept "Faith in Action" as opposed to "Declaration of Faith". Actions vs words. All faiths have principles and tenets by which one is to live, There are similarities among many and certainly differences. There is no need to discuss them, argue about them, highlight the similarities and/or differences within the confines of the BSA program. There is no need to require individuals to make a declaration or sign a card, or do something required by another individual regarding faith. The Scout Oath and Law expect us to live up to the principles and tenets of our own beliefs, (not those dictated by someone else) and to respect those of others... specifically those which differ. If scouts/scouters at all levels would just live the principles and tenets of their own faith instead of worrying about others faiths or requiring others to do something we would be in a much better place. Now I am going to go outside and sit in the woods; the woods are my "church/synagogue/temple/mosque/gudwara/vihara".

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