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A Fun or Interesting way to do Graduation?

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For Rank advancement we did the jar with the food coloring on the lids and the kids shook the jar to see if they "did everything they were suppose to to earn rank" and all their clear water turned colors. I was looking for something interesting like that to use for graduation. Anyone have any fun or cool things they do for graduation that they could share?



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Candles. Always do stuff with candles, and the words said should connect with the candle lighting. Grabs the Cubs attention and they will remember the words if the presenters set the mood. If you want serious, the Cubs will remember serious and important. If you want funny, they will remember funny. The earning of the ranks should be fun and enjoyable, but I think the awarding should be more serious and "meaningful" , reflecting the values and tenets we adults would like the Cubs to remember after the cake and cookies.

Do a candle lighting with red, white and blue candles, attached to the "spirit of Scouting", the "Cub Scout (soon to be the Scout) Promise", the " Law of the Pack (soon to be the Scout Law)", and the various parts thereof. Turn off the TV and consider the ceremony.


KiS, MiF. but important!

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Okay, I'm game, graduation from what?


last Blue Gold?






There are no ranks in Cub Scouts, only awards for the age specific programs.


Is this to be done by the Pack, the Den, the boys???


End of year party?


Having spent 2 years working my WB ticket on the Transition from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting, tossing in a "graduation" right in the middle of that process allows a significant number of boys and parents know that they don't have to continue on in scouting. It's kinda like graduation from high school. The message is clear, one does NOT have to further their education with trade school or college. You no longer have to be part of the program. There's no way one is ever going to put lipstick on that pig and make it sell.



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Graduation from one rank to the next rank. We don't have any Webelos 2s so we dont have a cross over this year. Our graduation is a celebration of the Tiger become a wolf, a wolf becoming a bear, a bear becoming a webelos and a webelos 1 moving over to arrow of light webelos 2 path.


Its not a party for us, its a ceremony. Its done alongside the awards and the few rank ceremonies for the kids who missed the last awards (where they actually get their rank patches). We only do awards every 3 months so each ceremony has to have something special for the boys.


So its like another awards presentation, just we have the boys swap to their new neckerchiefs and do something special. I am asking here if anyone has something cool or neat or special.


Thanks for the candles idea. Fire should catch their attention!

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We present the graduating Cubs with their next neckerchief and book.

Our graduation happens at our spring pack campout, so the ceremony is tied to the theme of the campout. This year's theme is space, so I plan on doing something with planets or rockets.

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