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Valley Forge Historical Trail

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I have two different versions of the work book, both versions purchased within the last couple years, they seem identical except for the award costing $8.00 in one version and $9.00 in the other (of note in the $9 version it is crossed out in every single copy and $7.50 written in)


I am wondering if there is a newer version as comparing the directions to the map seem wonky round about page 18 when you leave redoubt 3 and start along Mount Joy Ridge. I called the Park but no one was familiar enough with the route the book puts you on well enough to speak to it. They could only say that a new version was released "a couple years ago" seeing as both are identical except for the medal price I was wondering if there is a different book. I did not have a chance to call the encampment store yet, but was hoping to get an answer and maybe speak to someone who has done the trail recently.




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Scouts from our Troop have done the Valley Forge hike 4 times now, and after leaving Redoubt 3, we have experienced four different hikes.

While this is a map and compass hike, some of the landmarks are not very distinctive. We have never been close to where we thought we should be when we exited the woods on Mt. Joy Ridge.

I don't know what it is about the info in the book, but whoever is in charge of the trail guide could do a better job of being more descriptive of the trail after taking bearings at Redout 3.

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I used to ride my bike there as a kid. The first troop I joined as a boy, Devon 50, is just a few miles from Valley Forge. They might have a better idea so ask them. Google Devon 50. To this day I don't know why they are called Devon 50 and not just 50, but they were formed in 1927 so that might have something to do with it.

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