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Which drums do you recommend for OA Ceremony?

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We are looking for two types of drums. One type of drum will be used for marching cadense. The other type will be used for about 2 or 3 hours constant drumming. The drums must be light enough to be picked up by a scout and carried(incase of rain storm).



Also please recommend a good vendor(cost), because we have several scouts and leaders interested in buying their own drums.

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Don't know about "marching cadense" songs, but my lodge has the singers up a cliff out of the way. We only sing when the candiates are coming to the ring. And we use one of the songs in our repertoire.


We have used a powwow drum from Crazy Crow Trading Post, either the 24" x 14" or the 28" x 14". And CCTP has a program for a scout discount if you register.


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