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Should we force Scouts to listen to Old Goat music ?

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At the West Point Camporee they had a DJ with the massive bonfire - played pretty much pop music with one or two songs from the late 80s. I guess that is the difference with the Cadets doing the planning rather than the Scouters. Most of the boys stayed at least for a while. Our rule was that it was up to each scout if they stayed or left - as long as they were with a buddy.

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Once again, fun is sapped out of the program because of adult programming and adult rules. If my boys want to head back to camp because the camporee program is bad, then whether I like the program or

Yeah, this is why camporees suck. My suggestion to our district activities committee was a gathering of district SPLs and let them come up with the program. I was basically called a communist and drop

I notice with the OA stuff the boy leaders pick the music so it is at least (current) top 40.   I used to listen to Punk, I started to introduce some of it to my sons before realizing how filthy it

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