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Anybody out there watch Jeopardy this past Wednesday night? I happened to catch the Final Jeopardy round, and the question went something like this:


"In 1908, the techniques he used to train Army troops were also used to write the handbook/manual [i'm not sure which word they used] for an organization he founded for young boys."



The answer: Who is Baden-Powell?



None of the contestants knew the answer, but due to my Boy Scoutness, I did. :) This excited me greatly, but I settled down after my grandfather made fun of me for whooping and doing a little I-knew-the-answer dance. :(;):)

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Good job Campfire Fairy!


I suspect that the "fun" your grandfather makes of you for your "I knew the answer dance" pales in comparison to the eye-rolling I get from my teenage and near-teen children for my "I knew the answer dance." Not to mention the "wave" when I run an entire category (even if the contestant(s) also knew the answers. The single-question dance is saved for when none of the know-it-alls winning thousands of dollars for being on the show knew the answer.)


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NJ- Oh, eye-rolling schmeyerolling. It's fun to be silly and ridiculous. :) Heh, I'll probably end up to be an embarassing mom some day... either that, or a really cool mom.




No, I'll most likely be horrid... muahaha ;)(This message has been edited by Campfire Fairy)

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I got my son big-time at Wal-Mart in Kunia the other night. We're on a mission, to find a couple items on his sister's Christmas list. One of them is a Lizzie McGuire game for her Game Boy (girl?) Advance. Wal-Mart keeps that stuff locked up, so we had to wait by the case for a clerk with the key. She asked which one I wanted, and after I told her, I immediately swiveled around to the boy and said "That was the one you wanted, right buddy?" He recoils in horror, cries out "NOOOOO!", and backs away like this game has anthrax spores on it. The clerk, who had to be a mom herself, smiled and told him she knew it was for his sister and told me Santa was going to bring me a lump of coal for what I did. He gave me "the business" all the way out to my truck. Good thing he doesn't hold a grudge.



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I had a bit of fun at the Office Depot yesterday.


I was sent by the book-keeper to pick up two new adding machines. I did so, but when the clerk was ringing me up, a little girl and her father got in line behind me.


There was a box of stuffed animals on the counter. the dad squeezed one, a cat, and it began to meow "we wish you a merry Christmas." The daugter picked up a cow and squeezed it and it began to moo "we wish you a Merry Christmas."


The dad said to the clerk, "I bet you wish these weren't here."


The clerk said, "Nah. They sell really fast."


I looked at the girl, who seemed to be about 7 years old. I said, "Let's see how many you can squeeze."


Turns out that a properly motivated 7 year old girl can squeeze a whole box of singing toys!


The clerk just looked at me, deadpan, and said . . . "Thanks a lot," as I laughed my way out the door!


Sure it was a little mean, but what's a little fun between friends! I'm at that store about twice a week. I'm sure I'll get my "recompense" sooner or later ;)


Happy holidays!



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