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Cub Scouts at the Girl Scouts Pinewood Derby - Couldn't be prouder

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Here's a story that's bound to make you feel good.


I have a son in Cub Scouts and two daughters in Girl Scouts. They all enjoy building and participating in the Pinewood Derby. Our pack is very welcoming, and have a sibling race that our girls love to compete in.


The local Girl Scouts Service Unit (similar to a Cub Scouts pack/district) also holds an annual PWD for their Girl Scouts in our area. A few months ago, unfortunately, it looked as though they wouldn't be able to hold their annual Pinewood Derby. The pack they had previously worked with (who loaned the track, ran the races, etc.), wasn't able to help anymore. My wife is a GSUSA Troop Leader and suggested that our pack might be interested in helping out.


A few months ago I brought the idea to our Pack Committee and without hesitation everyone said that we should absolutely help the Girl Scouts Service Unit with their PWD this year. Today we worked side by side with them. They really loved our pack's high-tech track and we had the privilege of seeing how creative the girl's cars were. It was a great event and fun to see cooperation between the two organizations and scouts.


Both of my daughters placed very well in their respective classes (Brownie & Cadette). That made them very happy and proud. Of course I was too.


As we all finished cleaning up and putting away the track, our leaders were speaking with the Girl Scouts leader. Apparently, everyone was so pleased with the way today turned out that our pack's guys had volunteered again. This time to help set up and run the GSUSA Service Unit race again next year and also help set up and run the GSUSA District/Council/Region (not sure exactly what it's called) race too! Amazing.


Here's the thing that really made me proud to be part of this organization: Out of the more than 6 uniformed Cub Scouts leaders who volunteered today, not one of them had a daughter... only sons. Not one of them had a personal connection in the GSUSA program- just me. They all just recognized that the goals of each of our organizations are worth investing time in. All our kids (even if they aren't our kids) are worth it.


If that doesn't embody scout spirit, I'm not sure what does.

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