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spacday camp ideas

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Does anyone already done a space themed day camp for cub scouts as a program director? I was just "hogtied" into doing day camp and have nothing to work with. Camp school training was a bust. I want to incorporate at least a third of the activities that are rank and/or belt loop pin based. Send me anything and I can tweak and work with. I have to have a rough draft by Mid April so I am desperate. Thanks. mcdshistorian@yahoo.com Subject: Day camp

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Try this link:




Now I'm a Star Wars fanatic, so I named the different areas after places in the Star Wars universe. Some of the activities we did was water rockets, space ship wooden kits, Droideka targets (they are not living creatures ;) ) Astronomy Belt Loop, some stuff from this website http://www.nasa.gov/offices/education/about/.


oh and Weird Al Yankovich's Yoda,


and Star Wars Cantina


HMM I think I found our Cub Scout Day Camp drinking song this year. Evertime Cantina is mentioned, they drink fromt heir waterbottles.

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To add onto the Star Wars type theme...you can always look up the local 501st, Rebel Legion and Mandalorian Mercs. They are Star Wars costumers that do charity events.


One space daycamp we did our director got some pvc pipe, t fittings, and the pool noodles and made lightsabers out of em.

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Go to NASA website. Depending on where you are, they will often provide a "special" for you, an actual astronaut , with space suit to come to "ooo " and " aaaahhh" over. And, check out your local Astronomy club (set up a sunspot scope), local college/university for the Astronomy/physics department. Local rocketry club (launch possible for your site? wow factor there!), local aviation modeling club (same thing), Mention Scouts to the local Hobby store, bet they can give you the names and numbers.


"ask and ye shall find, seek and ye shall be given" or something like that....


Oh, and don't forget to contact your local newspaper and TV news desk. Such "good" news is often very popular with them. Good PR for Scouts and the local Packs!

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