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Hello and welcome Amouse,


As far as suggestions go sit back and enjoy the ride. Also here is my $.02 Just listen to you patrol and you will be fine.




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If you are in a new scout patrol, the patrol leader job, May rotate monthly.

But to start I would suggest reading the Patrol Leaders Job Description. Here it is



Appoint Assistant Patrol Leader who will function as Patrol leader in his absence.


Appoint Patrol Scribe who will maintain the Patrol Record Book, keep tracking of Patrol members attendance at Troop and Patrol meetings and outings and who will collect money from Patrol members for outings.


Appoint Patrol Quartermaster who will keep track of all Patrol equipment between outings and who will supervise cleaning of that equipment after each outing.


Represent Patrol at PLC meetings. Report back to Patrol on responsibilities for Troop meetings and outings.


Plan and lead Patrol meetings and outings.


Help any members of the Patrol with advancement through First Class, either by teaching the required skills or by setting up situations for meeting the requirements.


Know the requirements for the Baden-Powell Patrol Award and work toward earning the award.

As Patrol Leader, I promise to do my best to fulfill the requirements of this position during the coming year. I understand that my performance in this position will be evaluated by the Senior Patrol and the adult leaders on the basis of my abilities and the job description given above, as well as the demonstration of Scout Spirit and leadership at Troop meetings and other events.


Hopefully you troop will be having a JLT, attend it and learn.

Utilize your patrols members to make your job easier.

Keep your patrol informed with information from the PLC meetings.


Follow the Scout Oath and Law


AND most important


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Welcome to the forum and most importantly, welcome to scouting. You will have many adventures ahead of you. Always do your best, always challenge yourself, always listen to those you lead and those that lead you, and never, ever, be afraid to make a mistake.



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Glad you are in Scouts, and welcome to the forums.

A couple of ideas to get you going as a Patrol Leader.

Get a little note book and write down ideas for things you would like to do with your patrol, activities that you would like to see at troop meetings..and other stuff like that. It's sometimes easy to forget good ideas or things you need to do. Keeping notes is a good habit to get into.

Make an effort to be a friend to your patrol members. Invite them to your house just to do fun things like video games, movies, junk food, football or baseball.. whatever you like to do. When your patrol is full of friendship you can work together a lot better on campouts and meetings.

Keep asking for advise from your SPL and the Scoutmaster. If you let them know you want to be the best patrol leader you can be, they will help you out.

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