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Pack elections and by laws

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I am seeking feedback and opinions of other scouters on whether or not elections should be held for Cub Scout pack committee and what leadership positions you consider committee members. We currently have "by laws" stating all of this for our pack, but I feel they may contradict BSA guidelines.

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All Pack leadership is chosen (or approved upon recommendation) by the Chartered Organization, not elected or voted in. By-Laws? You don't need 'em. Everything you need is in the BSA literature. May I ask what kind of Chartered Org. sponsors your pack?


Committee members are leaders other than the Cubmaster and assistants, and Den Leaders and assistants who have specific jobs in the Pack, such as Treasurer, Activities Coordinator, Fundraising Chair, etc.

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You have "by-laws" that state what a Committee Member is?


Why? Is BSA unclear in it's definitions?




You hold "elections" for volunteer positions within the Pack?


Again, why? Do you often have more volunteers than you need? Or is this for approval purposes only? If for approval only, again, why?


Per the BSA Adult Application - http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/524-501.pdf Unit volunteers are approved by the Committee Chair, and the Charter Organization Head, or Representative.


BSA has also developed a method for picking new Cub Scout volunteers that works well -




Never heard of elections, or by-laws, for a Cub Pack. Do you have a copy of the BSA Cub Scout Leader Book?






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Technically speaking. Charter Organization names a Charter Org Rep. The COR (or the IH) names the Committee Chair. The Committee Chair then names all other leaders with the approvate of the COR/IH.


In practice, there is nothing wrong with an Election that determines this, as long as the COR and CC are in agreement to honor those results.


If you are doing an election, this would be my suggestion:

1. All candidates for positions fill out an Adult Application, COR approves them (they can't run without COR approval)

2. Outgoing COR or Committee Chair should call the meeting to order, elect a new Committee Chair (old Committee Chair signs app). New Committee Chair should conduct the rest of the elections. Alternatively, old Committee Chair runs the meeting, signs the applications, new Committee Chair takes authority after the elections.

3. As candidates are elected, the Adult Application Position Code/Title is filled in, Committee Chair signs the form. They are all turned into Council.


In terms of the Committee, you should have a minimum of three:





A Vice-Chairman that takes over for Committee Chairman would be a "nice to have" position, but it could also be the Secretary doubling as Vice Chair.


Useful additional Committee Positions: Advancement Chair, Popcorn Kernel, Chaplain (for religious Units), Camping Chair, Pack Trainer/New Parent Orientation Person


One event people: Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regatta, Space Derby, etc., need not be committee member. But if you can afford the $25 and they've done the training, I'd register them.

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"The work is done by whoever shows up".

The above commentors have covered the ground pretty well. I , too, am curious what is your COrganization?


CC and CM usually buttonhole/call/inveigle folks to take on a specific activity or task.


In a small pack, the BSA rules ("aye, they be guidelines, really"), are curved if not bent , and whoever shows up will be the "committee" double duty not unusual.


Thanks for all you do , and the kids will (eventually!) appreciate your "showing up!"

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Pack bylaws and voting over-structures what a pack is meant to be. A charter org wants to run a youth program and asks people to help run it. Those people act as friends helping to complete an objective. BSA already has enough policies and procedures in place to run a pack. Additional bylaws add little value.


As for voting people into positions, IMHO, that may work in your situation, but it is generally a not a good idea. The charter org is supposed to vouch for the leaders. How do they do that if people are throwing their hats into the ring. Generally, it's the people who show up. But the concept is the charter org is over-seeing the quality and administration of the pack. More importantly, you need the chain-of-command so you know what can be done when problems occur. Essentially, you need a higher up who can quickly fix things and fire people if necessary.


If you have a pack that is so successful that you need to talk bylaws and voting people into positions, then IMHO you need a committee chair and cubmaster that are not elected. You need the charter org to find people who are very very good at keeping the peace, building relationships and being organized. Otherwise, a really successful pack can fall appart quickly.




Please note. ... I do not think more bylaws add value. BUT BUT BUT ... a very well written parent guide and/or leader guide is extremely helpful. What are your dues. When do you meet. Who is the charter org. What does the charter org want out of the pack. Where do you usually camp. etc etc etc

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