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National Guard to build facilities for Maine Scout Camps

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Under the DOD Innovative Readiness Program, combat engineers will do construction, electrical and plumbing tasks at Maine Boy Scout camps. Hurray!


Cost of materials for scouts $1-2 million, depending on donations. Pine Tree Council will sell their palatial Alton E. “Chuck†Cianchette Scout Service Center near Portland Jetport. About eight to ten years ago, construction costs were over a million dollars for that money pit! I know small Maine potatoes compared to the Summit. The council office will move to the soon to refurbished John Messer Rotary Scout Training Center at Camp Hinds.


Good story


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Selected extracts follow:


After three months, the military has pulled out of Camp Hinds. In their wake, the roughly 420 engineer reservists that cycled through the camp this summer left a new parking lot, five new shooting ranges, three new staff cabins and more at the 87-year-old Raymond Boy Scouts camp.


The reservists also built an 1,800-foot access road, renovated the John P. Messer Rotary Scout Training Center, cleared a site for a future dining facility, added electricity to buildings, built a new loudspeaker, and constructed four shooting pavilions, equipped with roofs bolstered with 10-gauge steel.


Although the training program has prepared a five-year plan for the site, Benko said, the future of the program remains in the hands of Congress. Reservists will definitely return next spring to begin foundation work on the new dining facility, Benko said. But it remains to be seen whether the project will be funded beyond next year.


It is exceedingly rare in the Boy Scouts of America to have a modern, safely designed, professionally built 100-meter-rifle range,†Tarbox said. “We’re not aware of any Boy Scout camps nationally that have a 100-meter rifle range. There may be. We’re just not aware of any. So for us to have one at Camp Hinds enables us to offer a learning experience with long-range, .22 rifle shooting that can’t be offered anywhere else.â€Â


Scout salute to the National Guard and Army and Marine reserve units.


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Apparently I cannot go back and Edit old posts!


Anyway this is an update of Camp Hinds shooting program. Gentech is donating suppressors and ammo for Camp Hinds.

Great article with photos



Some excerpts


In a partnership with Gemtech, a manufacturer of firearm suppressors and ammunition, the 10 counties in central and southern Maine served by Pine Tree Council at Camp Hinds will have the opportunity to use state of the art equipment while learning gun safety. The Scouts use the National Rifle Association (NRA) teaching program First Steps for pistol, rifle and shotgun merit badges, as well as National Shooting Sports Foundation’s teachings.


“Training new Scouts the safe, responsible enjoyment of shooting sports is greatly enhanced by reducing the decibels of gunshots,†said Joe Debergalis, Chairman of the NRA’s Education and Training Committee. “This is a superb initiative that will enable Scouts to improve their skills while teaching them respect for their environment.â€


Gemtech donated eight .22 caliber suppressors and 25,000 rounds of sub-sonic ammunition. Josh Waldron the CEO of Silencer Co. offered to join the initiative donating two Salvo suppressors for shotguns at Camp Hinds.


This initiative will be a first in the Boys Scouts of America, and follows the recent completion of a new range complex at Camp Hinds. The ranges exceed NRA safety recommendations and use ballistic sand built into berms to stop the bullets, a high standard in range safety.


Wicked Cool

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