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FOS Presentation

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I guess it depends on the council. We see our DE quite often (most recently she was helping run the district pinewood derby). Plus our council staff is also pretty helpful (we see many of them also). Our council is a healthy one with multiple council owned camps that are well used, and lots of council wide activities. So I see what our pack gets for our FOS contributions.


However, if I was in a council like Basementdweller's (based on his stories), I wouldn't give them a dime either.

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Another example.....


A neighboring District runs a Junior Leadership council day.......5 years ago it was Free, 3 years ago it was $5, Just went to register my APL's and sub PL, SPL leadership. It is now $25 a head......


Why is that?


Council Greed, my friend that is what it is.......,

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