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Powder Horn Course Directors Conference

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Does anyone have information on a Powder Horn Course Directors conference in the western U.S. any time this year? http://www.powderhorn-bsa.org is rarely updated for these, and my own attempts to have my own PH course in San Diego posted have been unsuccessful. Me and one of our ACD's have been trying to find a course for over a year without success and time is running out quick. Thanks!

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Hi dhendron!


I don't have an answer to your question but I share your pain in regards to the Powder Horn website. Since I've just helped organize a Crew, I'm interested in attending a Powder Horn course but there is very little information other than upcoming dates.


Have you participated in one before? Assuming you hope to be a course director, it would follow that you have experience with Powder Horn. What is is like? Do the courses differ from one to the other? Is there a syllabus like there is for Wood Badge?


I'd appreciate any advice you could give.



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