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How much camping do you do?

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We go once a month except in August it's what we do sense I joined -- next year I will change this -- besides going every monthfor the weekend we take our feeder webelo dens out for a weekend -- other times we help out district and council events, long term camp (7 days 6 nights)sounds like about normal after reading the other entries

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If you mean my troop:

1 campout each month

- 10 in tents

- 1 in motels

- 1 in summer camp tents

Some of our most of exciting are

- 1 summer camp

- 1 snow ski trip (Quite a feat in the sunshine state)

- 1 crossover weekend

- 1 campboree

- 1 trip to a local ranch horseback riding

- 1 'advancment weekend' merit badge workshops, first campout after crossover.

If you mean me:

Three or four a month

- Venture Crew event

- Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation Minicamp staff (a mini summer campish event one a month)

- Troop activity

- Order of the Arrow event

- I will be working 7 weeks at Flaming Arrow this summer

- Not really 'camping' but one weak after summer camp this year NOAC

Note : I do not attend all these events I still have this magical thing called a social life, and school....

Florida Scout

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I remeber my first camp-out......


2 backpacks stuffed to the top, and a flooded tent with cot and full bed blankets.


And my latest one.....

1/4 a backpack and sleeping under the stars.


It's weird how things change....


Oh yea, how old are you FloridaScout, you sound 21 or under(assuming that yur a Venturer and in school)

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since the end of summer camp our crew has spent:


1 Two night weekend in platform tents at camp

2 Two night weekend tent camping

1 One night 'camping' in the church

1 Two night Backpacking trip


Plus two different day trips -- Camp to help with Powderhorn and Cabela's


Basically we've spent 7 out of the last 15 weekends with the crew. Geez, I see my crew family a WHOLE lot more than my biological family, no wonder we all call OGE Dad.

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After avoiding holidays, school events, church events, OA events, District and Council events, there are very few weekends left to choose from. So, we make it out 11 times a year (Friday night to Sunday afternoon) and then summer camp (7 days and 6 nights).

I have a question slightly off topic. Our Troop's weekend camping trips have always been Friday night to Sunday afternoon (around 4:00 PM). I've been told that there is a trend for Troops to weekend camp Saturday mornings to Sunday afternoons (maybe around 12:00 noon). So, is our Troop bucking the trend?




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Our troop USED to do one nighter campouts (SAt AM to Sun noon) - we finally and recently got it turned back around to two nighters after long consideration..... (and some arguments)


For my money, if you're gonna go - go the whole weekend. Sat/ Sun sucks up most of the weekend anyway, and the boys get an extra 'night' and often an extra meal or two to cook (fri dinner and sat breakfast) important if you have boys who are trying to move ahead on 1st Class advancements.


although we do still try to get home fairly early on Sundays - on the road by noon, usually - because boys still have homework to do and need to be prepped for school the next day - clothes, rest, showers, etc.


so now, our policy is to do two or more nights in summer and on school holidays (like the recent Veteran's day long weekend - which is combined here with teacher service days and conferences - a 5 day weekend!) and do one nighters, sometimes, for regular weekends when school is in session. We try to take advantage of extra days off and monday holiday weekends to plan our trips, so that even if the parents have to return to work on Mon, the boys get and extra day to do homework (some teachers DO tend to think that a long weekend means extra homework!)


So since the change to 2 nighters in May - now our schedule is about 1 - 2 night campout a month - except for Dec & JAn, and July. Dec we do a lock-in at our CO church - usually a family night, chritmas party and then the parents leave and the boys stay up and watch videos. just for fun. Jan or FEB - depending on when Klondike is, we plan a 1 night winter survival. July we go to summer camp and spend a week. The last two years we went to two different camps in July - each one was a week.


We are starting to do some patrol campouts - but they ARE supervised. There is not anywhere around here, except maybe someones private land, which we don't have, that we would want boys to be alone.


so Weekends - 9, or 18 nights

indoor - lock in - 1 night

outdoor, winter 2 - 1 night (klondike and survival)

and one or two weeks of summer camp.


next year we plan to have a boundary Waters trip of 1 week and one week of summer camp.


so Whole troop - about 33 nights


in addition, there's some who attend JLT, might go on a patrol outing or two, or are active in OA.




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