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We made it!

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Personal Journey to Excellence: Last May 1 boy crossed over and Troop 1 was "started". The lad hung in there and we worked on his advancement. In November a second boy crossed-over and now we're at two. After a conversation with the SE, he said he would sign off on chartering with 3 boys. The two boys showed up for a pack cross-over thinking one of their buddies might join and we could charter. I contacted the CubMaster and she said there was yet another boy interested. I bought 3 handbooks just to have in case. As the boys crossed the bridge, they selected one of two Troops present to welcome the boys. The buddy of the two already in came right over and was welcomed in! We have 3. Then the other possible came over and we're at 4. Just when I thought everything was done, yet another boy came over and said he would like to join our troop, too. Surprised everyone because he was on the "list" to join the other troop.


The Tiger Den Leader had a boy in the Web II group and came over and talked at length about Troop 1. She wasn't really satisfied with the other troop's program, but hadn't had a chance to visit with me as to why I thought Troop 1 was any different. He still crossed over to the other troop, but his mother was still waffling and I confirmed with her that whatever happens it should be the boy's decision as to what he wants to do. We'll see what happens.


Now the paperwork!



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