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Non-BSA Sea Base recommendatons for Sailing adventure?

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It's been a while since I pulled up a camp chair around this virtual campfire!


We are tentatively planning to do a sailing/snorkeling adventure this summer, but have too many for one Sea Base crew and too few to afford two sail boats. (You have to pay for 8 people - even if have fewer.) The youngest guys are all 15 and they were bumped from Philmont crew last summer (age, size, readiness). Normally I give priority based on age because younger guys have more future opportunities, but really hard to tell these guys no again. I can draw straws for the limited slots. Or am considering going with another outfitter. That method has worked VERY well for us at Boundary Waters.

So - Does anyone have any recommendations for sailing trips in Florida? We would want to do a similar trip - 5 days on the water with mix of fishing, snorkeling, etc.



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We had an overflow crew use the Dream Catcher out of Key West http://www.sailingkeywestflorida.com/ We left on a Monday and returned on a Friday. All 5 days out at sea which was nice. We had ASMs on board that had done the Sea Base experience prior and said this trip beat that. We plan to skip Sea Base next time and sail directly with him.I cannot say enough about Captain John and the experience he gave our scouts last July. You won't be disappointed.

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