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so i find in other thread about campaign hat..

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always wanted campaign hat, and found from another thread that there is a company making campaign hat in different shape than perfect circle. i went there and looked at the shapes and i don't see triangle. my head is just weird.

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Rarely are heads truly round. If one looks at old scouting pictures one notices that the hat brim dips in the front and back. That is a real indicator that the head is oval in shape. Take any wide brimmed hat and pull the inside front/back out and the brim will do exactly that.


If you wish to have a hat fit perfectly one needs to go to a hatter and have it fitted. They have steam machines that make the hat fit exactly the way you want it fit. I bought a wide brimmed Civil War beaver hat and had it fitted. It is a very stiff hat and after 5 years shows no change in shape, yet it is as comfortable as a stocking hat when worn.



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