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Using your dog as a compass

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Our tax dollars at work, I wonder if human testing starts this summer? :D




Did some field testing with our dog, his nose bearings were all between 175 and 195. New, unfamiliar field, all days were cloudy and cold, I doubt the sun was a factor.

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I saw a funny piece on this yesterday.. That's funny that you tested it out on your dog.. sounds like if you use his pooping compass for directions when lost in the woods, you may be Ok for a general idea, but have some problems, if you need really accurate.. Your dog is a close but not perfectly accurate compass..


Don't know if it's our tax dollars at work.. My clip states that it was a study out of Germany.. Maybe someone in the US will have to recreate the study to confirm it?? Of course, you and a few other dog owners can save them by just emailing them your results.







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My dog has a software compass, he has to walk while he poops to get a good bearing.


I once saw a demonstration while standing directly on the equator that suggested that your balance is a bit worse there. And maybe it was a bit worse. Anyway, if dogs can sense electrical fields the way dolphins do, then who knows.

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