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Emergency Preparedness MB question... what is Troop Mobilization and Emergency Service Project ??

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Approximately 50 Boy Scouts from southeast Missouri and as far away as Kansas City put up camp at the Charleston Baptist Association Campground east of Benton this week for a unique experience.


The Scouts participated in Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. During the boot camp the group learned first aid, fire safety, emergency preparedness, search and rescue and fire safety.


The 30 hour course will earn the Scouts five merit badges and the CERT certification. The event kicked off Thursday, July 30 and will conclude Sunday, Aug. 2.


That seems a greater merit badge haul and in less time than your average summer camp or merit badge university. Hope they had some serious prerequisites to do before this boot camp. :huh:

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It's better if the scout can explain how to mobilize the troop and then do it as a practice drill also. Thought that might help explain some of the ways to sign  off on merit badge. :D 

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