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TAC CSPs in early 1970s

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One of my old troop members from the Sixties later worked in the TAC office at Heidelberg and bought some sets of TAC R/W CSPs from every country they had at the time (ca. 1972). Twenty-three of them then. I see the individual patches selling on eBay, but haven't seen any sets. Anybody have an idea of what something like that would be likely to bring? He would be likely to put some kind of reserve on it, but we don't really know just how much.

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I don't know if anyone has actually read this, but yesterday at the Sunshine Trade-O-Ree, I got this answered. Two expert patch dealers recommended not selling these as a set. Only two of the patches are worth anything: Denmark and England. They suggested putting one of those on eBay with no reserve and let the bidding begin! I'll follow up if he decides to sell them.

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