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WOW, we sure have some real dedicated scouters here!!(NOT an insult, I hope to be involved with scouting just as long).


I had a long break between scout and scouter also. The funny thing is I almost joined the unit I now serve years earlier when I was first married and had no kids but thought that it was most likly run by some "old, set in their ways" Scouters who wouldn't welcome me.(the troop had been founded a year before by a guy a couple of years older, that I had known while I was in scouting). Man, do I regret not looking into it back then.

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I'm an old man in Scouting tenure terms. Before my 40th birhtday I've earned several "veterans" pins I do not wear. Here's my non-overlapping tenure including the number of the year served


1973 -- joined the Cub Scouts.

1976 -- joined a Boy Scout Troop

late 1979 earned Eagle

1983 -- became an adult Scouter

1988 -- became a professional Scouter

2003 -- today.


That's 30 years tenure -- continous invement. In The BS of A.


I'm going to be what we used to call when we were kids, "The Maltese Eagle. :(


Oh well.


38 year old 30 yar veteran of the BSA. Youth tenure counts toward the awards. Take my word for it.



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I am going to give this in story form. I will summarize with numbers at the bottom of the post.




I joined Tiger Cubs in first grade back in the fall of 1990 I think. I stayed in Cubs all through the program including 2 years of Webelos. In spring of 1995 (or maybe it was fall 94 ?) I went to a Council Camporee that had invited all Boy Scouts and Webelos (with parents I believe) to attend. My father and I were the only members of our pack to attend. When we arrived my dad checked us in and then went a leaders meeting that had just started to find out what to do next. (He was the Den Leader.) The SM of a troop from my town was one of the organizers and invited us to share his troop's camp site. So that is what we did. That was my first encounter with the troop, its members, and leaders. Based on the experiences of that weekend my dad decided to do the AOL requirements for our den with that troop.


All members of the den earned the AOL and bridged to this troop. I was the only one of that entire den to remain in Scouting for the full tenure as a youth. I turned 18 in fall of 2001 after having completed all Eagle requirements save the BOR. I immediately became an ASM and have remained in that position ever since. My BOR was delayed until January 2002. In May of 2002 we finally managed to do the COH. This past Saturday evening I had the honor and privlidge of attending the Silver Anniversary Celebration for Troop 280. (Though the troop was founded in March of 1977, what can you say, the current SM is an English teacher.)


In 1999 I was elected to be an ordeal candidate. I completed the ordeal in spring of 1999. The next year I joined a ceremonies team, became a Brotherhood member in spring, and took on my first chapter committee chairmanship, and became chapter vice-chief before the year was out. In 2001 I served as chapter treasurer, then vice-chief, and finally chief, as well as a Lodge committee chairman. In fall 2001 was elected to be and took office on January 1st 2002. On December 31st my term expired. In early 2003 I recieved the Vigil Honor and again became a Lodge Committee Chairman.




So I have had:

5 years as a Cub Scout

6.5 years as a Boy Scout

2 years as a Scouter.

All totaled I have had something like 13 years and 3 months in Scouting. (August 1990 - November 2003.)

So for at least 65% of my life I have been doing Scouting stuff. Actually, that isn't quite right. At some point Scouting stopped being something I did. Scouting became part of who I am.


(This message has been edited by Proud Eagle)

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cubs: Wolf, Bear, Lion, Webeloes

scouts: all the way to Eagle


hiatus for a number of years..military, marriage, college, life


active with my sons ( both Eagle) and still active now for 10 yrs or so


Experience comes from one day at a time and a curiosity about things that I do not know anything about and catches my fancy





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9 as youth

16 as leader (wow hadnt counted before - Im due for another knot!)

37 my age therefore 2 years off since arriving at age 8 for Cubs. Those are the years I commanded a Platoon of soldiers full time. Maybe my life has had too narroow a focus eh?


In Australia there used to be a rule that said military service was counted towards awards providing you were active immediately before enlistment and resumed within a year of discharge. I think that came out of WW2.

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