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Not new but back in the forums

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Hey pchado.. Nice to see you. Did you leave when the forums were not acting well, or simply due to other things you needed to attend to. If it was the forums they are much, much better. They just did an upgrade last week and we have a few small issues..


The main one, is that now when you comment to another post, the thread does not recognize and indicate to other that there was new activity on the thread so they can check it out if they are following the thread.. If you post a new reply rather then a comment, it will indicate the activity on the thread.


The other thing is if you save your post, I think most people it works as expected, but with some of us, it seems to get hang up, but if you look at the bottom of the screen and see something where it is asking if you want to open, save or cancel some file.. Just hit cancel and get out, your post will be in the thread.

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