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Complaint: no ebooks

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You've got the wrong audience here, I not only would not support bringing electronics, beyond a flashlight into the field, I also don't believe in building program around advancement requirements. When you have a solid, scout based program, advancement is a by product that does not have to be forced. As a leader you should not be thinking about advancement, the scouts should, and that desire will cause it to be part of what you do.


By your comments I can tell your a cub leader, and there is some differences between the three program levels, but that's offset by the time the parents spend working with their own child.


Try pulling the plug on all the gadgets and gizmos, even chuck the watch for the weekend. Go native, forget requirements, and schedules, and before you know it things will fall into place. I know this is hard to swallow, but try it, you'll see.

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