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Not clear on sequence on Eagle project

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My boy is going to ask his Eagle advisor tonight to explain the sequence on an Eagle project.


Application: This entails a description, but don't you need to do a fair amount of work on this before you fill this out AND do you count those hours OR do you do all the work and then apply?


After you do the physical work involved with others do you fill out other forms?


His Eagle Advisor emailed him some forms, but it is not clear to him or me.

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The order of things on doing an Eagle project is that.


1. The Scout comes up with an idea and discusses it with the SM and possibly the Troop Advancement Chairman.

2. If the SM approves the idea then the Scout should get an Eagle Project Workbook from the Council and review it to see what all information he is going to have to have. If not approved to back to step1.

3. Begin to discuss with the project sponsor exactly what they want done, what materials may be needed, who will pay for said materials, etc.

4. Begin working on the write up of the project and when the first draft is finished sit down with SM and Advancement Chair to review it. If changes are suggested make them and resubmit also keep working on project planning.

5. When SM and Troop Committe Chair approves the final write up, somebody should then pass the write up on to the District Eagle Review people. They will review and approve or send it back for more information. Nothing is done until they approve it.

6. Once approval is given the project can be carried out.

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I agree mostly with Eagle69. The first three of his steps tend to be more fluid and merge and blend with each other.

The somebody in 5 to bring it to Council Office should be the Scout (no rule but it is his project). Our council office coordinator for Eagle paperwork would tend only talk to the Scout not his parents (not their project).

Being in full uniform made brownie points too.

The most important part IS DON'T START THE PROJECT UNTIL IT IS APPROVED. It is also good when you talk with the organization about the project, you tell them it has to be approved and don't fully commit unless you are willing to Finnish the project without it counting for your Eagle.

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I would suggest writing up the description separately before you sit down to fill out the form. Show all the involved approvers the writeup and get verbal agreement before you commit anything to the form.


Be sure to get all the signatures before you start work. I saw one scout rejected at his Eagle board because the district advancement chair refused to sign the form after he had done the work. The council subsequently over ruled that individual and the youth received his eagle.

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